Antique Letter Cards

Letter Cards and Envelope Glue

Letter cards and letter sheets used to be popular ways of combining pages and envelopes (and sometimes even prepaid postage stamps) into one convienient package. Often used for airmail (aerogram), with pictures or trivia about a place on lightweight paper.

postal booklet

Postal Booklet

To make your own postal booklet first decide on the size and shape of your textblock. The example above has four sheets of A5 paper folded to give an A6 signature. You could also use an accordion as in the antique examples at the end of this post.

Measure the book block you have made and on a sheet of thin card start marking up the envelope shape. The example above adds 2mm to each side of the bookblock for the front and back pieces of the envelope with top and side flaps 1/5 the width and the bottom flap 2/5s the width. A thicker bookblock will need additional space at each side to allow the cover to fold round.

The corners of the book block and envelope cover are rounded before the book block is simply pamphlet stitched in place. If needed the side flaps may be trimmed at a slight angle to allow the cover to fold round the booklet with greater ease.

The top flap has a line of perforation added with a needle to allow easier opening and then has a line of envelope glue applied and is allowed to completely dry.

A booklet ready to write and send. fold the side and bottom flaps round and finish by gluing the top flap to the outer cover.

Vegan Envelope Glue Recipe

Vegan Envelope Glue Recipe

  • 1 packet Vege Gel (6.9g)
  • 3 tbsp white vinegar
  • 3 tbsp water
  • optional flavouring – 1 tbsp orange blossom water

Combine the ingredients and stir thoroughly to mix. Heat gently to thicken and to allow the vinegar to burn off. If the mixture is too thick add equal parts of vinegar and water. The mixture is ready when it is thick and transparent.

Paint a thin layer of the glue onto the envelope using a small cheap paint brush and allow to dry. Just dampen (lick!) to activate the glue when ready to seal and post.

The remaining glue will keep for some time. Re-heat it to use again (a few seconds in a microwave is fastest).

letter cards with tourist photos - Aberdeen, London and Canada